Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

With our Variable Data Printing (VDP) service you will be able to personalise your mailings and tailor them to a specific data set. We can customise your mailings based upon the client data you give to us.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Variable Data Printing can be used for a variety of different print outputs. One of the most common uses is direct mail marketing. Research has shown there to be a greater response rate in these campaigns when VDP is used.

Return on Investment

The return on investment has been found to be higher and very little effort is required on your behalf to do this.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Master Template

You can send us a master template of a design that you would like to send out to your clients.


Step 2


We then take the data that you have provided and alter the template based on the variables you wish. For example, this could be by name, gender, or location.


Step 3


This allows you to keep the branding on your mailing the same whilst being able to personalise each print in one job. This makes it cheaper and more efficient than one-off printing techniques.

QR Codes

We can also add customisable QR codes to each of your mailings. QR codes can be scanned by a smartphone that links directly to a website or offer. By changing the code that is shown on specific mailings you can choose which site you want the client to see. This allows you to target offers to specific clients, for example, vary it according to frequent customers and first-time customers.